Bike Servicing


Gold Service (Full Service) - £120.00

Only the best for your speed machine! You get everything in the Basic and Standard service but this is a full strip-down of your entire bike.  Everything gets cleaned, lubricated and re-fitted as if built from scratch.  Your bike will be the best it can be and feel like brand new. 


Silver Service - £75.00

A thorough service for your favourite ride. We do everything in the basic service but go deeper into making your bike ride like new. Included in the cost is replacement of all gear and brake cables. We will remove your Chain, Cassette and Chainset. They will then be placed in an ultra-sonic bath for the ultimate deep clean before re-lubrication with high quality oil. Bottom-bracket, headset and wheel bearings are cleaned and treated to fresh premium grease. Your bike will work perfectly and ride like a dream.


Bronze Service - £35.00

A lovely service for your trusty steed. We complete a full safety check on your bike to make sure everything is correctly torqued. Tyres and wheels are checked and brakes adjusted. We align your gears to work perfectly, apply quality lubrication to your chain and of course hand your bike back to you fully cleaned like new.


Any parts found to be worn and require replacing are not included in any service price but we will advise you of costs prior to carrying out any work.  If you buy the required parts from us we are happy to fit them free of charge during your service.